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What’s The Value of an Evaluation Score?

I’m sad. The 2023 Type Evaluations were coming to the Maritimes this year, finally, and the program has now been cancelled due to a shortage of entries. Not enough of us breeders valued the evaluation system enough to put our time and money into the program. So, what is it, and why do I care?
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Light Thru A Bubble

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

This kidding season gave us highs and lows that we never saw before, but what a ride!
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Kodak Digital Still Camera

Worst Gym Ever

You will hear plenty of discussions and questions about what are the best floors to have in your goat barn.
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The Bucklings Bring Home the Bacon

We always want more doelings over bucklings. Doelings increase the herd numbers, and even if we get more doelings than we can possibly keep, it can actually increase the quality of what we have, because then we can pick and choose the better doelings to increase the herd with. Yet we, as with any goat breeder, get more bucklings than doelings. You can try to manipulate that ratio a bit, but that’s for another blog.
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Why Do WE De-Horn??

Horns VS no-horns can be a strong and vigorous topic of debate amongst goat owners, but I’m not going to try to disprove one or the other. I’m just going to express my thoughts and learnings as to why WE do de-horn our does.
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